Why We Are Needed

The prestigious National Academy of Medicine in Washington D.C. recently issued a report titled: Parenting Matters: Supporting Parents of Children Ages 0 – 8.

This 524-page report recommends that the federal government take the lead in “…promoting the wide-scale adoption of effective programs and services for parents…” that “would serve as a roadmap for the future of parenting policy, research, and practice in the United States.”1

However, it’s hard to visualize a national government-run program working for all parents. On page 352, tucked away in the middle of a long paragraph, the report references this reality: “Some parents, especially those who are more organized and self-directed, receive adequate services to enhance their knowledge, attitudes, and practices within the existing loose network of programs.”

Begin with the Children is one of those existing programs—although it is a program that differs from other parenting programs. It is a preventative and enhancement program for parents that is already helping thousands of families! See We Are Unique.

Footnote: 1. Parenting Matters: Supporting Parents of Children Ages 0-8; Summary Section, Page 2.